Five Tips for Cleaning the Carpet in Your Caravan and Keeping It Clean

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If you want the carpet in your caravan to stay as clean as possible, you may want to get it professionally cleaned once in a while. Wondering how to keep it clean? Wondering which type of cleaners to hire? Here are some tips to consider:

1. Place an abrasive mat at the door.

An abrasive mat helps to remove dirt and debris from the bottom of your shoes, and it's especially important in a caravan, because you often cannot just kick your shoes off and leave them outside like you can with a house that has a porch. Additionally, if possible, take off your shoes when you are inside the caravan and leave them on a waterproof, plastic mat near the door so they don't dirty your carpet.

2. Use plastic runners in the caravan.

Because caravans are so small and compact, every bit of the carpet is a high traffic area. To protect the carpet, consider placing plastic runners on the main walking areas of the caravan or plastic mats next to the kitchen sink. That will reduce stains and stop dirt from getting ground into the carpet.

3. Clean the carpets professionally.

Once in awhile, depending on how often you use your caravan, you should have the carpets professionally cleaned. When talking with cleaners, let them know that you want someone with a truck mounted system. That way, they only have to bring the wand and the hose into the caravan. Typically, caravans are too small to use carpet shampooing machines.

4. Consider dry cleaning.

When you have your carpets cleaned, you typically get a choice between steam cleaning and dry cleaning. With a caravan, you may want to choose dry cleaning. It doesn't produce as much water as steam cleaning. This is important because the carpet of many caravans doesn't have a thick pad like carpet inside a house, and as a result, water may be more likely to penetrate to the floorboards. Also, dry cleaning dries faster.

5. Leave the windows open to dry.

Whether the carpet cleaner has used dry cleaning or steam cleaning, your carpets will be slightly wet when they are done. So that the carpets can dry as fast as possible, park the caravan in a warm spot and open all the windows and doors. If you have any awnings, put them away so that they don't shade the windows.   

For more tips on cleaning the carpet in your caravan and keeping it clean, contact a professional carpet cleaner


22 September 2016

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