How To Choose the Right Style of Wardrobe for Your Home

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A good wardrobe can mean added closet space in a bedroom or having room to store clothes in a room without a closet. When you start to shop for a new wardrobe, you might be a bit overwhelmed with the choices you see, which is why it's good to give those choices some serious thought. You want to be happy with your new wardrobe for years to come and ensure it fits your needs for storage and your bedroom space; note a few tips for doing this so you get a wardrobe that works for you.


The doors need to be chosen carefully; if the wardrobe is placed in a very crowded space, you want sliding doors versus those that open into the room. Otherwise, you may see the doors to your wardrobe literally hitting the furniture or the walls when you open them. However, if you have the space for hinged doors, note that you can add hooks to the back or inside of them for added storage, in order to maximise the space. You can also add a mirror to the back of a hinged door; this keeps it from reflecting light in the bedroom at night when you're trying to sleep, while still providing the mirror you need for dressing.

Interior storage

Consider carefully the interior storage you need and ensure you get a wardrobe that works for you; don't choose something generic when it comes to interior features. For example, a woman with a lot of jewelry should ensure she chooses a wardrobe with smaller drawers that have compartments meant for jewelry pieces. If you have more shoes than you do dress pants, opt for one with two rows of shoe racks and only a small space for a rod that has rooms for pants. If you have more suits than shoes, choose one with two rods, one above the other, and just a small storage space for shoes. Don't assume you can just personalize the space once you get the wardrobe home but choose one with the features you need for your particular storage needs.


You might opt for a wardrobe that extends to the ceiling so you have an upper shelf for added baskets, hats, and the like. However, this height can overwhelm a small space and make the wardrobe seem oversized if it's not built across an entire wall. To keep it looking like a true piece of furniture, you might choose one that is no taller than a bookcase and especially for smaller bedrooms where a taller piece might be too much furniture for the room itself.


24 August 2016

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