Tips When Framing a Bathroom Mirror

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A bathroom mirror is designed to add both style and function to your space. If you are looking to create a more minimalist style to your bathroom that is simple, it might be a good idea to attach your own frame to a plain mirror. A wooden frame can be the ideal option and will allow you to create a very clean look. If the vanity in your bathroom is already made from wood, you can apply a finish to the frame of the mirror that will match.

29 December 2015

Fed Up Of Dull Floors? 4 High-Impact Vinyl Flooring Styles To Uplift Your Room Décor


Vinyl flooring is a stress-free and practical floor choice suitable to most rooms in a home. This manmade, synthetic material is made from ethylene and chlorine. Vinyl flooring stands up to all types of heat and moisture, which makes it ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. Vinyl floors are available in a range of different styles to seamlessly fit into most design schemes. Here are some high-impact vinyl flooring styles to uplift your room décor.

16 December 2015

Three Important Tasks in Roller Door Maintenance

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The roller door is an advantageous feature to install in residential properties. It is ideal for use with garage spaces, but you can install it in other areas such as storage sheds. The design of roller doors is favourable because it is conveniently lifted up and lowered during operation. This means that minimal extra space is required when opening the door, unlike alternatives like swing and overhead lift alternatives. In addition, most roller doors are made from resilient materials, such as steel, which are durable and strong.

4 December 2015

Create Your Own Antique-Style French Furniture

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Antique French-style, timber furniture is a popular choice for home decor. This shabby-chic style can also be expensive and may be out of your budget. Fortunately, you can easily create the look yourself for a minimal amount of money. By sourcing a cheap, second-hand piece of timber furniture and treating it to a simple makeover using paint and materials from your local hardware store, you can have a beautiful, elegant, and unique piece of furniture in no time.

27 November 2015

Furnishing an Outdoor Space


Furnishing a home is a big task. You can spend a lot of time choosing pieces that fit your space well. You will also want to consider how your furniture pieces coordinate with each other. It can be an ongoing process to find things that work well in your home. In addition to interior decorating, your home design will not be complete without some attention to the exterior. Creating an attractive and welcoming outdoor space can be a great complement to your perfectly furnished home.

13 November 2015

What You Need to Know about Choosing In-Floor Heating Options

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Finding the right in-floor heating option for your home can be tricky. You may know the heating result you want to achieve, but choosing the type of heated flooring that is right for you can present some issues. Before you submit to the confusion and just go with the first option available, there are a few things you should consider. Here are just a few of those considerations and what you need to know about each one.

30 October 2015

Quick Tips for Maintaining a Home's Central Air Conditioning Unit

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Most central air conditioning units will run for years without major problems or breakdowns, but this doesn't mean you can simply ignore air conditioning maintenance. A few simple tasks done every year before summertime or as recommended by the manufacturer can ensure that your unit lasts as long as possible with as few needed repairs as possible. Note a few quick tips you might consider for your home's central unit.

21 October 2015

Tips for Making the Most of Small, Built In Wardrobes

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Regardless of the size of the residence, a common complaint for homeowners tends to be storage space. You always seem to be looking for more ways to store your items. This is especially true when it comes to clothes as you gradually accumulate them over the years. Short of having to sell them at a garage sale or opt to donate them, you could look for ways to enhance the storage space that you already have.

1 October 2015

Split System Aircon | 4 Smart Steps to Prepare Your Outdoor Unit for Winter

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A split system aircon consists of both an indoor cooling unit and outdoor condenser unit, acting as a lifesaver as it cools the home during the blazing hot Australian summers. When the cold temperatures of winter set in, you will no longer need your split systems. Harsh winter elements like rain and ice can damage and rust the outdoor unit, so you must find a way to protect it until summer arrives once again.

16 September 2015

Features to Consider For a New Dual Occupancy Design and Construction

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A good way to make money from rental properties is to have a dual occupancy design, which would mean a townhouse or duplex with more than one person living in the structure. You can earn the rent of two occupants while only paying property taxes on one building, making it a good financial investment.  If you acquire a dual occupancy design townhouse that is currently under construction, note a few features you'll want to discuss with your contractor to ensure you can charge the most rent and have the happiest tenants.

4 September 2015