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What Are Your Options for Appropriate Flowers for a Funeral?

Posted by on Oct 18, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on What Are Your Options for Appropriate Flowers for a Funeral?

When someone you love passes away, it’s traditional to give a floral tribute at the funeral. Your local florist will be able to provide you with guidance on what style of arrangement you might prefer. In the meantime, here’s an overview of the types of flowers that are associated with death and remembrance to give you an idea of what you might like to choose to compose the tribute. Lilies White lilies have long been associated with funerals and are probably the most popular choice of floral tribute, symbolising purity and piety. Peace lily plants are associated with harmony and innocence after death, being a popular choice for a child’s funeral. Carnations Carnations come in a wide range of colours from white and pale pink through to brilliant yellow and deepest red. These flowers are associated with remembrance and are a popular choice for funeral arrangements because of their long-lasting qualities. Orchids Orchids are linked to mourning and also to eternal love, making them a good choice for funerals. Orchids are also often given as gifts to express sympathy and could be incorporated into a funeral as a tribute to the deceased and as a gift for their family that will last long after the service itself. Roses Roses are a wonderful choice for a funeral flower. They come in many different colours, each with its own special meaning, and many varieties are beautifully scented. The darkest crimson blooms are said to represent deep sorrow, whilst sunshine yellow symbolises strong emotional ties. Daffodils, tulips and hyacinths If the funeral is to be held in the springtime, tulips, daffodils and hyacinths can make lovely seasonal floral tributes. All spring flowers are symbolic of a fresh start and a new beginning, which can be viewed as highly appropriate when saying goodbye to a departed loved one. Gladioli If you prefer something more colourful, perhaps to reflect the deceased’s personality, gladioli can be a good choice. Traditionally associated with moral integrity and strength of character, these spectacular flowers can be displayed alone or integrated into an elaborate display piece. Although all these flowers are synonymous with funerals and with grief, you don’t have to use these alone. If your loved one had a particular favourite, it may be more appropriate to incorporate this into your tributes. Your local florist will be able to talk you through what’s in season, as well as share ideas as to the form the tribute is to...

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Five Tips for Cleaning the Carpet in Your Caravan and Keeping It Clean

Posted by on Sep 22, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Five Tips for Cleaning the Carpet in Your Caravan and Keeping It Clean

If you want the carpet in your caravan to stay as clean as possible, you may want to get it professionally cleaned once in a while. Wondering how to keep it clean? Wondering which type of cleaners to hire? Here are some tips to consider: 1. Place an abrasive mat at the door. An abrasive mat helps to remove dirt and debris from the bottom of your shoes, and it’s especially important in a caravan, because you often cannot just kick your shoes off and leave them outside like you can with a house that has a porch. Additionally, if possible, take off your shoes when you are inside the caravan and leave them on a waterproof, plastic mat near the door so they don’t dirty your carpet. 2. Use plastic runners in the caravan. Because caravans are so small and compact, every bit of the carpet is a high traffic area. To protect the carpet, consider placing plastic runners on the main walking areas of the caravan or plastic mats next to the kitchen sink. That will reduce stains and stop dirt from getting ground into the carpet. 3. Clean the carpets professionally. Once in awhile, depending on how often you use your caravan, you should have the carpets professionally cleaned. When talking with cleaners, let them know that you want someone with a truck mounted system. That way, they only have to bring the wand and the hose into the caravan. Typically, caravans are too small to use carpet shampooing machines. 4. Consider dry cleaning. When you have your carpets cleaned, you typically get a choice between steam cleaning and dry cleaning. With a caravan, you may want to choose dry cleaning. It doesn’t produce as much water as steam cleaning. This is important because the carpet of many caravans doesn’t have a thick pad like carpet inside a house, and as a result, water may be more likely to penetrate to the floorboards. Also, dry cleaning dries faster. 5. Leave the windows open to dry. Whether the carpet cleaner has used dry cleaning or steam cleaning, your carpets will be slightly wet when they are done. So that the carpets can dry as fast as possible, park the caravan in a warm spot and open all the windows and doors. If you have any awnings, put them away so that they don’t shade the windows.    For more tips on cleaning the carpet in your caravan and keeping it clean, contact a professional carpet...

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An Able Table: Choosing An Outdoor Dining Table Capable Of Resisting Desert Sun

Posted by on Sep 9, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on An Able Table: Choosing An Outdoor Dining Table Capable Of Resisting Desert Sun

It’s probably fair to say that Australia has one of the most brutally hot climates on earth, and in the central desert regions of the country, the intensity of the desert sun can be a real obstacle to many outdoor activities. However, it’s not just humans that tend to suffer under such intense heat and ultraviolet bombardment — if made from unsuitable or fragile materials, your garden furniture can start to feel the burn too, including something as simple and robust as an outdoor dining table. Fortunately, if you do live in one of these desert areas, you aren’t doomed to indoor meals for the rest of your life, as there are a number of garden table materials and treatments that can help your table resist the worst of what the sun can throw at it, without cracking, fading or perishing. Metal tables It’s no coincidence that many commercial interests, such as restaurants and bars, use metal for their outdoor tables and furniture. Strong, durable and resistant to both intense sunlight and inclement weather, a metal dining table can be expected to shrug off the desert sun with ease. However, choosing exactly which metal to go for can complicate matters. The metals commonly used to make outdoor tables, while all thoroughly resistant to direct sunlight, have other properties that can make them more or less suitable for your needs: Steel is a popular and inexpensive choice for outdoor tables, and comes in a wide variety of designs and finishes. However, it is not resistant to rust, and can be heavy and difficult to move. Stainless steel is rust-resistant and lighter than regular steel, but also more expensive. It is also more difficult to colour with powder coatings and other finishes, so you may find yourself with less aesthetic options to choose from. Wrought iron is incredibly durable and can add some old-world charm to your outdoor table, but it corrodes relatively easily and is even heavier than steel. It is also more expensive, especially when hand-made. Aluminium is one of the most popular metals for outdoor tables, with its combination of strength, durability, lightness and rust resistance. However, while aluminium doesn’t rust, it will oxidise and lose its sheen in direct sunlight; it is also, if anything, too light, and an aluminium table can cause serious damage if allowed to blow around in high winds. Marine grade polymer tables Anyone with a little knowledge of plastics can be easily forgiven for discarding the prospect of a plastic outdoor table for desert use, as even the toughest plastics can easily perish, fade and warp under excessive sunlight exposure. However, marine grade polymer is a plastic specifically designed to endure the worst that nature can throw at it, and it is manufactured and treated using ultraviolet-inhibiting compounds that dramatically increase its resistance to sunlight. Marine grade polymer is also a light and versatile material, available in a wide variety of shades and colours, making it ideal for a wide variety of outdoor aesthetic choices. However, this specialised polymer can be difficult to find unless you go to a dealer specialising in plastic outdoor furniture, and it is significantly more expensive than less robust forms of plastic. It is also, at the end of the day, still plastic, and may not be as visually pleasing as more traditional...

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How To Choose the Right Style of Wardrobe for Your Home

Posted by on Aug 24, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on How To Choose the Right Style of Wardrobe for Your Home

A good wardrobe can mean added closet space in a bedroom or having room to store clothes in a room without a closet. When you start to shop for a new wardrobe, you might be a bit overwhelmed with the choices you see, which is why it’s good to give those choices some serious thought. You want to be happy with your new wardrobe for years to come and ensure it fits your needs for storage and your bedroom space; note a few tips for doing this so you get a wardrobe that works for you. Doors The doors need to be chosen carefully; if the wardrobe is placed in a very crowded space, you want sliding doors versus those that open into the room. Otherwise, you may see the doors to your wardrobe literally hitting the furniture or the walls when you open them. However, if you have the space for hinged doors, note that you can add hooks to the back or inside of them for added storage, in order to maximise the space. You can also add a mirror to the back of a hinged door; this keeps it from reflecting light in the bedroom at night when you’re trying to sleep, while still providing the mirror you need for dressing. Interior storage Consider carefully the interior storage you need and ensure you get a wardrobe that works for you; don’t choose something generic when it comes to interior features. For example, a woman with a lot of jewelry should ensure she chooses a wardrobe with smaller drawers that have compartments meant for jewelry pieces. If you have more shoes than you do dress pants, opt for one with two rows of shoe racks and only a small space for a rod that has rooms for pants. If you have more suits than shoes, choose one with two rods, one above the other, and just a small storage space for shoes. Don’t assume you can just personalize the space once you get the wardrobe home but choose one with the features you need for your particular storage needs. Height You might opt for a wardrobe that extends to the ceiling so you have an upper shelf for added baskets, hats, and the like. However, this height can overwhelm a small space and make the wardrobe seem oversized if it’s not built across an entire wall. To keep it looking like a true piece of furniture, you might choose one that is no taller than a bookcase and especially for smaller bedrooms where a taller piece might be too much furniture for the room...

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Tips On Fitting Vertical Blinds To A Sloping Window

Posted by on Aug 8, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Tips On Fitting Vertical Blinds To A Sloping Window

If you have a sloping window, you might think that fitting vertical blinds is going to be tricky.  However, it’s easy when you know how!  You’ll need some basic DIY skills for this job. Read on for some top tips on how to do it. What you’ll need vertical blinds hack saw sandpaper wall plugs screws masonry drill How to do it If your window is not a standard size, you may need to cut the blind’s rail so that it fits properly.  To do this, loosen the fixing screw so that you can move the end cap.  Slide the cap along the rail until it comes past where you want to make your cut.  Tighten the fixing screw and pull the blind’s cord until it’s tight.  Now you can saw through the rail so that it is the correct width.  Smooth the end of the rail with coarse sandpaper.   Now you need to fix the rail to the ceiling.  You’ll need to fit the operating cord towards the high side of the window so that the slats slide in the correct direction when you open the blind.  Pre-drill the positions of the holes on the ceiling, using the holes in the rail.  Drill the holes and insert wall plugs.  Now put the screws through the rail so that they are recessed into it.  Pre-tighten the screws but don’t fix them tightly just yet.   Next, you need to fix the brackets.  To make sure the slats are at the right length for your sloping window, leave a small distance between the ends of the rail and the window sill.  Pre-drill the holes as described above, and then drill them fully and insert wall plugs.  Screw the bracket into place.  Fit the second bracket in the same way.   Now you’re ready to fix the slats onto the rail.  To do this, you’ll need to slip the slat hangers into the seams at the top of each slat.  You can adjust the height of the slats by sliding the rail slightly up or down.  Once the slats are in the right place, tighten the screws to fix the bottom end of the rail so that it can’t slip down. You now need to attach the weights provided with the blind to the slats so that they hang down neatly.  Refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines on how to do this, as methods vary depending on the make of blind you’ve chosen.   Finally, take the cord fitted with plastic rings and fix them to the corresponding hooks on the slats.  When you’ve finished, trim off the excess cord.  Don’t worry if the slats appear slightly creased, as any wrinkling will drop out over the next few...

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Why Hire an Architect for Your Home Remodelling Project

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When you’ve decided to remodel your home, you may assume that you’ve watched so many DIY shows on television that you can handle this project yourself, perhaps just with the help of a general contractor. While you might be able to tackle a simple redecorating project yourself, anything that involves the overall construction of your home should be undertaken with the help of an architect. Note why that is and how they can assist. Seeing the finished project You may assume that if you take down a wall or change the entryway to a room that you know what your home will look like when you’re done. However, you might be surprised at just how open a room feels without a certain wall and that you really don’t like the view. Moving an entryway might mean cutting off light to a certain space or blocking the flow of foot traffic because of where the door now opens. An architect can help to design your project and then let you see, with the use of computer graphics, what the project will look like when done. This will ensure you can make any changes to your plans before work begins so you’re happy with the renovation once it’s completed. For safety Load-bearing walls are very important in a home and should be left alone, but you may not realise that a home might also have load-bearing beams and certain rafters in the roof that should not be moved or altered either. If you take down a wall, you may inadvertently also remove a beam above a doorway or otherwise affect how the weight of your home is dispersed. You might also move around plumbing pipes or electrical wiring in such a way that they are not properly installed or protected. An architect will know how to manage your plans safely and ensure you don’t make any changes to the home that could lead to future damage. Going green Many homes today incorporate eco-friendly touches that you may not even be aware of but which an architect can suggest. This might mean cellulose insulation that is made from recycled paper, concrete flooring that uses raw materials that are easier to harvest than natural stone, roof ventilation that allows humidity to escape so your home feels cooler, and the like. Whether it’s to save money on utilities or to save the environment, working with an architect can ensure you’re incorporate all the “green” choices you can in your home renovation. Contact a business like Stylewise Designs to learn more about architecture and residential drafting...

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Reasons to Purchase Plants from a Wholesale Nursery

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If you are contemplating creating a home garden in your backyard, you first need to get the plants to get you started. Typically, homeowners will visit their local supply store to get the seeds that they require. However, this is not always the best way to go about it. Here are some of the reasons why you should purchase plants from a wholesale nursery. A wholesale nursery is economical One of the biggest benefits of seeking plants from a wholesale nursery is the cost cutting afforded to you. When you purchase plants from your local store, you are getting them at retail prices. This means the store will have to mark up the prices to make some profit off their sales. At a wholesale nursery, you cut out the middleman. As such, you will find that the prices are more economical for you in the long run. Additionally, some wholesale nurseries will offer warranties on their plants. In the event that the plant does not sprout, the wholesale nursery will replace it for you at no extra cost. This is why opting to purchase plants from the original breeders can prove to be more cost-effective than simply buying them from your local store.   A wholesale nursery has a wide array of plants Another reason to consider purchasing your plants from a wholesale nursery is that they have a wider variety of species to choose from. Wholesale nurseries do not simply specialize in the provision of seeds. You can also get saplings, flower bulbs, fruit trees and more. This makes it easier for you to get all the plants you need conveniently at one location, rather than having to try to track them down from different stores. The wholesale nursery will also have a variety of both local and exotic plants. With their expertise in horticulture, you can be informed on which plants would be better suited for your home garden based on how much time you have to care for them. For instance, if you are generally busy, the wholesale nursery may suggest sturdy plant species that do not need too much hands-on maintenance.   A wholesale nursery provides you with resilient plants One drawback about trying to grow a home garden is that it may take some trial and error before you get your seeds flourishing. If you would like to avoid this, then you should opt to purchase your plants from a wholesale nursery. The plants grown at a wholesale nursery are given the proper care right from being seedlings. This nurturing increases their intake of nutrients, which will help them grow into strong and resilient plants. Instead of having to go through the time-consuming process of nurturing these plants, you can get them already healthy and...

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Quick Tips for Choosing a Good Self-Storage Facility

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When choosing a self-storage facility, you want to ensure you take the time to shop around and compare; a self-storage facility that is poorly maintained or not in good condition can mean damage to your items, especially if they’re in long-term storage, as well other inconveniences and hassles you may not expect. Note a few things to look for when choosing a good self-storage facility so you know you will wind up with one that works for you. Note the accessibility of their personnel for after-hours emergencies What happens if you pull up to a self-storage facility after hours and the gate doesn’t open, or there is an obstruction between you and your unit? If you cannot easily access personnel after hours, you may be stuck with also not being able to access your unit until they open for business the next day or the next Monday. This can be very inconvenient for you, so you want to ensure they have an after-hours number that is answered by a live person and which does more than just record messages. Ask about their pest control measures A self-storage unit can be a good place for pests and insects to nest and call home; they can easily make their way into a unit and burrow into the items inside and not be disturbed for days, weeks, and even months in some cases. Anyone who stores foodstuffs or other such items without properly containing them may be inviting roaches that will then make their way to your unit. It’s vital that you ask about a facility’s pest control measures because simply cleaning out a unit when someone vacates is not enough to keep pests at bay. Note the overall condition of the units A self-storage unit should have a door that fits snugly, to keep water, snow, and other condensation out of your unit as much as possible. You might want to give the door a good shake before you decide on a unit, to see if the sides fit snugly or if it seems to vibrate far too much. If the door doesn’t fit the door frame very well, this too can mean condensation, rain, and other weather elements getting in and damaging your items. If the door doesn’t open and close easily, this can also make it uncomfortable for you to operate it, so be sure you choose a unit with a door that fits snugly and which is easy to open and...

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Skip Bins For DIY Demolition: 3 FAQs

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Homeowners may be forced to undertake demolition-related activities around the house for various reasons. For example, those who wish to change the layout of their living spaces might be forced to pull down a wall or two.   In a large number of cases, DIY-minded homeowners are forced to hire skip bins (from an outlet such as C. Fulton Pty Ltd) to aid in the management of waste products (to be) generated from the demolition exercise. This article answers three questions that a DIY-minded homeowner may have in relation to the use of skip bins in such situations. What Type Of Skip Bin Would Be The Most Ideal For A DIY Demolition Exercise? Various factors will determine the ideal type of skip bin for a residential demolition exercise. Examples of these factors include the cost of leasing the skip bin and the quantity of waste that the demolition exercise is expected to generate. For the small to medium-scale demolition-related activities, DIY-minded homeowners are often advised to go for the marrel skip bin. The “marrel skip” features high-sided walls which may account for its slightly larger size as compared to other types of rental bins (e.g. hook-lift skip bins). The standard marrel skip bin is about the same size as an automobile. The large size translates into an increased waste-carrying capacity for this type of bin. Many times, one marrel skip is able to contain all the waste generated from a residential demolition exercise. When Do Homeowners Need To Hire Multiple Skip Bins? The greater the amount of waste (to be) generated during demolition, the higher the number of skip bins required. However, there’s an exception. A small or medium-scale demolition exercise may require multiple skip bins in line with the different types of waste that the exercise will generate. For example, concrete waste products of demolition should not be mixed with other waste products such as tree cuttings, contaminated soil, shattered glass, metal window frame material and so on. Thus, DIY-minded homeowners will be forced to hire a concrete-only skip bin in addition to their general waste skip bin.    Can Skip Bins Be Placed In Public Places During A Demolition Exercise? In many cases, the available amount of space within residential premises doesn’t allow for the convenient placement (and subsequent use) of skip bins within the property. Skip bins may be placed in public places (e.g. along a footpath) for the duration of the demolition exercise. In a large number of states, homeowners are required to get a permit from their local council before the bin is placed in the intended...

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3 Non-cheesy Ways to Propose in a Restaurant

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Popping the question over a restaurant meal is so well embedded in our culture, and unfortunately, this is what makes it so hard to come up with a proposal style that isn’t brimming with cliché and cheese. Thankfully, the modern age of viral videos and social media has given many couples food for thought—prompting proposers to toss out the rule book when it comes to dinner proposals (no rings in the dessert here). Be inspired to make your proposal night a creative and memorable one with these top 3 suggestions for a non-clichéd proposal. (Traditionalists, take from these what you can!). Have a private proposal A private proposal in a restaurant might sound like an oxymoron of sorts, but this kind of proposal simply offers the best of both worlds for the nervous proposer—atmosphere and privacy. If the idea of loud exclamations of ‘aaaw’ in unison or rapturous applause puts you off, it may fare better for you and your betrothed to use a private room in the restaurant. Hiring a private function room at a restaurant gives you leeway to be a tad more creative with your proposal too, since the extra space can be filled with decorations, personal effects and maybe a hired photographer or musician waiting in the wings. Alternatively, if proposing in a confined space leaves you feeling a little hot and bothered, an outdoor proposal on the rooftop or terrace of your favourite restaurant can be equally magical. Get the venue to work with you Roping your chosen restaurant in on the proposal needn’t stop at turning the house lights low or bringing champagne to your table—let your imagination wander. For example, you could add to the element of surprise by dressing in full waiter uniform to approach your partner’s table and pop the question. Throw your partner completely off guard by asking their friend or boss to take them out to lunch. Once seated and immersed in conversation, this can be your cue to walk over with a tray of drinks and the ring. Your partner will not think to recognise you as their waiter, making for an incredibly romantic and memorable gesture. The added bonus of having restaurant staff on your side is that it also takes a lot of the heat off you. Proposing can be nerve-wracking enough without having to worry about unforeseen circumstances. With the staff wise to your proposal plans, they will be on the lookout to delay the meal, prepare special measures behind the scenes (e.g. a string quartet), or spot the opportune moment to approach your table with the ring. Hire a flash mob If flash mobs can delight and bewilder a room of strangers in a shopping centre or train station, imagine how this translates to a wedding proposal! For those unfamiliar with the term ‘flash mob’, this is essentially a hired crew of dancers or singers (or both) who pose as strangers in any given location, before exploding in a choreographed performance to the surprise and awe of onlookers. Flash mob proposals are really picking up steam thanks to social media, and what’s so versatile about them is that you can completely tailor it to your partner and make the proposal a kind of dedication to them by using music or a specific dance...

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