Why Hire an Architect for Your Home Remodelling Project

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When you've decided to remodel your home, you may assume that you've watched so many DIY shows on television that you can handle this project yourself, perhaps just with the help of a general contractor. While you might be able to tackle a simple redecorating project yourself, anything that involves the overall construction of your home should be undertaken with the help of an architect. Note why that is and how they can assist.

Seeing the finished project

You may assume that if you take down a wall or change the entryway to a room that you know what your home will look like when you're done. However, you might be surprised at just how open a room feels without a certain wall and that you really don't like the view. Moving an entryway might mean cutting off light to a certain space or blocking the flow of foot traffic because of where the door now opens. An architect can help to design your project and then let you see, with the use of computer graphics, what the project will look like when done. This will ensure you can make any changes to your plans before work begins so you're happy with the renovation once it's completed.

For safety

Load-bearing walls are very important in a home and should be left alone, but you may not realise that a home might also have load-bearing beams and certain rafters in the roof that should not be moved or altered either. If you take down a wall, you may inadvertently also remove a beam above a doorway or otherwise affect how the weight of your home is dispersed. You might also move around plumbing pipes or electrical wiring in such a way that they are not properly installed or protected. An architect will know how to manage your plans safely and ensure you don't make any changes to the home that could lead to future damage.

Going green

Many homes today incorporate eco-friendly touches that you may not even be aware of but which an architect can suggest. This might mean cellulose insulation that is made from recycled paper, concrete flooring that uses raw materials that are easier to harvest than natural stone, roof ventilation that allows humidity to escape so your home feels cooler, and the like. Whether it's to save money on utilities or to save the environment, working with an architect can ensure you're incorporate all the "green" choices you can in your home renovation.

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26 July 2016

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