3 Non-cheesy Ways to Propose in a Restaurant

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Popping the question over a restaurant meal is so well embedded in our culture, and unfortunately, this is what makes it so hard to come up with a proposal style that isn't brimming with cliché and cheese.

Thankfully, the modern age of viral videos and social media has given many couples food for thought—prompting proposers to toss out the rule book when it comes to dinner proposals (no rings in the dessert here). Be inspired to make your proposal night a creative and memorable one with these top 3 suggestions for a non-clichéd proposal. (Traditionalists, take from these what you can!).

Have a private proposal

A private proposal in a restaurant might sound like an oxymoron of sorts, but this kind of proposal simply offers the best of both worlds for the nervous proposer—atmosphere and privacy. If the idea of loud exclamations of 'aaaw' in unison or rapturous applause puts you off, it may fare better for you and your betrothed to use a private room in the restaurant.

Hiring a private function room at a restaurant gives you leeway to be a tad more creative with your proposal too, since the extra space can be filled with decorations, personal effects and maybe a hired photographer or musician waiting in the wings. Alternatively, if proposing in a confined space leaves you feeling a little hot and bothered, an outdoor proposal on the rooftop or terrace of your favourite restaurant can be equally magical.

Get the venue to work with you

Roping your chosen restaurant in on the proposal needn't stop at turning the house lights low or bringing champagne to your table—let your imagination wander. For example, you could add to the element of surprise by dressing in full waiter uniform to approach your partner's table and pop the question. Throw your partner completely off guard by asking their friend or boss to take them out to lunch. Once seated and immersed in conversation, this can be your cue to walk over with a tray of drinks and the ring. Your partner will not think to recognise you as their waiter, making for an incredibly romantic and memorable gesture.

The added bonus of having restaurant staff on your side is that it also takes a lot of the heat off you. Proposing can be nerve-wracking enough without having to worry about unforeseen circumstances. With the staff wise to your proposal plans, they will be on the lookout to delay the meal, prepare special measures behind the scenes (e.g. a string quartet), or spot the opportune moment to approach your table with the ring.

Hire a flash mob

If flash mobs can delight and bewilder a room of strangers in a shopping centre or train station, imagine how this translates to a wedding proposal! For those unfamiliar with the term 'flash mob', this is essentially a hired crew of dancers or singers (or both) who pose as strangers in any given location, before exploding in a choreographed performance to the surprise and awe of onlookers.

Flash mob proposals are really picking up steam thanks to social media, and what's so versatile about them is that you can completely tailor it to your partner and make the proposal a kind of dedication to them by using music or a specific dance to reference what it is you love about them (and this is before the ring even makes an appearance!). Get inspired by some of these great flash mob proposals to make for an unforgettable and amazing engagement story!

Hopefully, the above tips have inspired you to propose in a memorable way. If you want to stretch your magical night a little further, why not celebrate your big step with a house party upon your return? With the help of a party hire package, you can kick off your engagement in style and delight your partner with the surprise company of friends and family on your special night!


31 May 2016

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