Aluminium Foil In The Residential Garden: 2 Alternative Uses

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Aluminium foil is a common feature in a large number of modern residential kitchens. Aluminium foil is often the "go to person" whenever a homeowner needs to wrap up various food items. 

Not known to a large number of homeowners is the fact that aluminium foil can be put to a number of alternative uses in residential garden areas. This article discusses two among the several alternative uses for the benefit of stay-at-home mums who are passionate about gardening.

The "Aluminium Seed Pot"

A large number of stay-at-home mums would rather plant their seedlings in a seed bed/seed pot as opposed to having them planted into the residential garden directly. Aluminium foil can be used to make a seed pot of sorts, in which plant seedlings can grow and develop until they're ready to be transplanted into the garden.

In order to use aluminium foil for this purpose, one will need to cut the cardboard tube around which the foil is wrapped into the desired number of pieces. Each piece will be used as a seed pot. If cutting the cardboard tube does not produce a sufficient number of "seed pots", similar tubes can be obtained from rolls of toilet paper as well as paper towel rolls.

The cardboard tubes are then fully wrapped with the foil so as to protect them from water damage. Once wrapped, a waterproof tray is closely packed into each tube before the tubes are filled with the chosen seed-starting mixture and before the seeds are planted into the various "pots".

Plant Protection

In the kitchen, aluminium foil is often used to prevent the blackening of pie crusts and to keep the crusts from falling off before the pie is ready.

In the residential garden, aluminium foil can be used to protect young garden shrubs and other young plants from the potentially destructive nature of animals that would wish to make a meal out of the young plants and shrubs. Examples of these animals include rabbits, mice and goats.

Aluminium foil wrapped around the base of a young plant or shrub is sure to make the plant less appealing in the eyes of its predators. Using aluminium foil for plant protection reduces the risk posed by predatory animals, thereby increasing chances that the shrubs and plants in question will exploit their full growth potential.

Next time when out shopping, get two rolls of aluminium foil. One for the kitchen and one for the garden.


10 May 2016

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