What You Need to Know About a Roller Door for Your Home Garage

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A roller door is a good choice for smaller properties, as the door simply folds and rolls up into its overhead housing unit when opening rather than swinging out into the driveway. If you're thinking of choosing a roller door for your home's garage, you may have a few questions about their function and safety, so note some basic information here and then discuss this choice with a garage door contractor.

1. Are roller doors loud?

If you've ever heard the roller doors at a car repair shop or other such facility rolling up or down and wondered if you would need to put up with the same noise at home, note that the doors installed at a commercial facility are often very different than the ones installed in a residential home. A commercial garage door may not have layers of insulation between the panels as is common with a residential door, so the metal on a commercial door may be more likely to shake and create noise when in use. For a residential door, the insulation typically used between the outside layers of metal help to absorb noise.

2. Can roller doors be opened if they're not locked?

You may assume someone can just push open a roller door at home and slide it up, like you might see at a car repair shop. However, if you choose a roller door with a motor for opening and closing, that motor acts as a lock when the door is closed. You cannot just push the door open, as the motor needs to run to move the chains that control the door. In a commercial garage, their doors may work with a manual chain and pulley system so there is no motor to keep them in place, but with a residential door, the motor itself provides a good measure of security.

3. Are roller doors heavier than standard garage doors?

You might be worried about the weight of a roller door if the motor should fail and you need to lift it manually. Note that the weight of a roller door is affected by the same factors as any other type of door, namely, the size of the door including its thickness and its material. An aluminum door will be lighter than steel, and steel skins with a lightweight insulation between them will be lighter than a solid steel door. Note the overall weight of a door when choosing one for installation if you're concerned, but remember that a roller door won't be any heavier or lighter than a standard door, depending on your choice.


11 April 2016

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