Home Additions Parents Should Discuss with Their Home Builder

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You're already excited for your new baby, but now you are facing having a new home built as well. There are so many things to consider and so many choices to make. Your new home builder can make some suggestions that will give you a safe and happy environment for your little one. There are also some options you may want to bring to the home builder. Here are just a few home plan additions that parents like you should consider.

Pocket Gates

You already know there are certain areas of the home you want to block off with baby gates. The issue is that these gates can sometimes look out of place and throw off the look of your entire home. They can also be somewhat concerning when you think about your little one getting their fingers stuck in the gates and in the latches. Instead of spending money on these contraptions, consider having your home builder install pocket gates. Pocket gates can slide into the wall and stay hidden when not in use. They can also be constructed of solid wood to match the room and to avoid those little gate holes that little ones find so intriguing.

Hidden Outlets

Electrical outlets are a problem for many parents. You can buy safety covers, but sometimes little hands can figure out how to get those off. Instead of worrying about electrical shocks or the plugging and unplugging of different appliances and lights, consider having hidden outlets installed. Your home builder can come up with plans to hide the outlets so they are easy for you to access but otherwise stay tucked away from view. Some popular styles are outlets that hide inside countertops or are recessed into walls and hidden with a panel cover and hidden access button or release.

Bathrooms for Children

One of the aspects you may overlook is your little one's bathroom. Most children can handle smaller bathrooms that include toilets that are lower to the ground or tubs with lower entry ways much better than they can handle adult-sized options.

The smaller options will last for several years and make it easier to potty train and give your child bathroom independence as well. They can reach everything easily and they can feel more comfortable in their own environment. Your home builder can not only design these options into your current plans, they can also update it later to larger sizes as the child grows.

These are just a few of the options you can have your home builder consider. Discuss your needs with your home builder and see what ideas they can come up with as well. You may be surprised about what they can do for you and your little one.  


25 January 2016

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