Tips When Framing a Bathroom Mirror

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A bathroom mirror is designed to add both style and function to your space. If you are looking to create a more minimalist style to your bathroom that is simple, it might be a good idea to attach your own frame to a plain mirror. A wooden frame can be the ideal option and will allow you to create a very clean look. If the vanity in your bathroom is already made from wood, you can apply a finish to the frame of the mirror that will match. Framing a mirror on your own is possible if you follow a few helpful tips.


You will need to take measurements of the mirror to ensure that you cut trim and molding pieces that are the accurate size. When you are cutting the trim pieces that are going to be used to frame the mirror, it is suggested that you remember to create grooves. The groove that you cut will need to be used to fit the edge of the mirror. It is also a good idea to apply the finish of your choice to the wood after you have cut it to size. You can apply the stain much faster if it is not yet attached to the mirror in any way.


It is always suggested that you begin framing a bathroom mirror by starting with the sides. You can nail the sides of the trim in place first and then move to the top of the mirror before finishing with the bottom. You have to be careful when nailing the trim in place to ensure that you do not cause any damage to the fragile mirror.

Sill Board

When you are framing a mirror, it is always a good idea to attach a sill board to the bottom portion of the frame. The sill board will be slightly longer than the width of the mirror, but it will offer more security and also create a unique look that is appealing. The molding trim pieces should be the last that are installed around the trim after you have secured all the other pieces in place.


You want to make sure that the mirror is protected, so it is suggested that you add silicone around the edge of the frame. This will make sure that it is secure. It is also possible for you to fill in any holes using putty. All of the screw holes will be small in size, so it will not require much putty to fill them in completely.

For more tips on framing or hanging bathroom mirrors, contact a local supplier. 


29 December 2015

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