Furnishing an Outdoor Space


Furnishing a home is a big task. You can spend a lot of time choosing pieces that fit your space well. You will also want to consider how your furniture pieces coordinate with each other. It can be an ongoing process to find things that work well in your home. In addition to interior decorating, your home design will not be complete without some attention to the exterior. Creating an attractive and welcoming outdoor space can be a great complement to your perfectly furnished home.

Garden Design

Garden design is an important part of building your outdoor space. For good garden design, you have to consider both types of plants and their placement. For example, certain plants pair well together. You can fill your flower beds with plants that coordinate well with one another. You will also want to consider the seasons in which each plant blooms, to ensure an attractive display year-round. Most gardeners strive to incorporate both flowering plants and evergreens. The evergreens can give some structure and provide a nice backdrop for the blooms that appear throughout the year.

Another element to consider with your garden is plant containers. If you have a small space, you can enhance your garden by adding a few potted plants. If you have more room, you may want to add a border or construct a raised flower bed. Either option can provide a nice addition to your garden.

Patio Furnishings

Once you are settled on your garden design, you will likely want to add some patio furniture. After all, with the work you have done to plant your flowers, you will want a place to sit and enjoy them. Depending on how much space you have, you can create a seating area with chairs and tables. Patio furniture comes in a variety of materials such as wood or wicker. Both of these materials are treated to make them appropriate for outdoor use. Outdoor wicker furniture are a classic choice because they can withstand weather changes without becoming damaged. They can also help you create a quaint setting within your garden. Once you have chosen your furniture, you can even add some lighting such as lamps or candles so you can enjoy your garden at night.

Both the plants and the furniture you select can impact the overall feel of an outdoor area. When you are making your selections, consider how you will use your garden and what will work best within the space you have available.


13 November 2015

Decorating and Your Home and Garden

Yo! My name is Lisa and I would like to welcome all you guys to my new blog. I was inspired to start this blog because I am tired of visiting people's homes and seeing the same old furniture and the same old designs in use. I used to have boring designs in my home and garden. However, all that changed when my friend Simon came to visit. Simon is a designer and property developer so he has a real eye for bringing out the best in any space. He gave me some top tips and helped me to transform my home and garden.