What You Need to Know about Choosing In-Floor Heating Options

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Finding the right in-floor heating option for your home can be tricky. You may know the heating result you want to achieve, but choosing the type of heated flooring that is right for you can present some issues. Before you submit to the confusion and just go with the first option available, there are a few things you should consider. Here are just a few of those considerations and what you need to know about each one.

Types of In-Floor Systems

One of the first things you need to consider are the types of in-floor systems available for residential buildings. Your choices will be electric or hydronic heating systems. The electric system is the most common and uses coils under your current flooring that are heated through your home's electrical system. The installation is fairly simple, since most electrical based in-floor heating systems come rolled up and just need to be placed and unrolled. You will need to choose a flooring cover such as tile, wood, or carpet. The flooring type will be put in place after the heating coils are rolled out and secured.

The hydronic heating system use hot water that is cycled through the heating coils to keep the floor warm. The issue to consider with this type of heating system is a water leak in the heating coils. This could mean a repair that requires construction and floor replacement. This is something to consider especially if you have hardwood flooring where wood rot could become an issue if a leak is noticed later instead of sooner.

Thermostat Styles

Another consideration of in-floor heating options are the thermostat styles. Thermostats for heated floors will look and operate similarly to your traditional home air conditioning and heating thermostats. You can set the temperature for your floor at the thermostat and, if you have a digital model, you can even schedule times for warmer temperatures or colder temperatures. There are even some thermostats that allow you to use an app on your phone to adjust the temperature when you are away and may not be home for several hours or overnight.

Energy Costs

One of the considerations of an in-floor heating system is the energy cost. This is something that you may think is common knowledge to consider, but most homeowners don't consider the true costs themselves. They instead focus on the idea of an energy savings instead of how much will actually be saved, when the savings will start, and what to expect over time. Considering all aspects of your energy costs will help you choose the best type of in-floor heating system for your home and your needs rather than just choosing an option that sounds nice.

These are the three main considerations you should think about when choosing in-floor heating. If you are ready to make your choice and begin construction, contact your local dealer for pricing and scheduling.


30 October 2015

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