Tips for Making the Most of Small, Built In Wardrobes

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Regardless of the size of the residence, a common complaint for homeowners tends to be storage space. You always seem to be looking for more ways to store your items. This is especially true when it comes to clothes as you gradually accumulate them over the years. Short of having to sell them at a garage sale or opt to donate them, you could look for ways to enhance the storage space that you already have. If you are dealing with a small, built in wardrobe, you could consider these tips for making the most of the space available to you.

Experiment with shelving heights

Conventional wardrobes will typically have shelves of similar height. This may not be convenient as clothes do come in all sorts of sizes. A good idea would be to opt for minor renovations to your wardrobe so as to incorporate shelves of different heights. This will make it easier to store your clothes in accordance to the amount of space that they take. For instance, shirts will almost always take up less space than dresses. Thus, a higher shelving height for your dresses could complement a shorter shelf for your shirts.

Go crazy with hooks

Hooks can be a great addition to your built in wardrobe when it comes to maximising on space. The good news is that since these tend to be cheap, you can purchase as many as you need. Hooks can be used to store a variety of items ranging from ties, scarves, belts and more. This enables you to make use of the dead space on the doors of the wardrobe rather than have these items take up the space in your closet.

Invest in dividers

Dividers work toward segmenting your drawers. This is a great way of maximising on the space in your drawers. When you store different items in your drawers such as socks, stockings, lingerie and more, they tend to look messy. In addition, since these items are folded differently, chances are it will be a snug fit. To bypass all this, the dividers give each category of items their own space. This not only makes the drawers more organised, but it also makes it easier for them to fit.

Install a shoe carousel

Built in wardrobes will typically come with a shoe rack on the floor. Although this may seem like a convenient mode of storing your shoes, the rack does take up valuable space that you could use for other items. Instead, you should opt to have this removed and install a shoe carousel instead. This still allows your shoes to be organised, while leaving you extra floor room and height to use as you see fit.


1 October 2015

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