Split System Aircon | 4 Smart Steps to Prepare Your Outdoor Unit for Winter

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A split system aircon consists of both an indoor cooling unit and outdoor condenser unit, acting as a lifesaver as it cools the home during the blazing hot Australian summers. When the cold temperatures of winter set in, you will no longer need your split systems. Harsh winter elements like rain and ice can damage and rust the outdoor unit, so you must find a way to protect it until summer arrives once again. Follow these protective steps to prepare your outdoor unit for enduring winter.

Turn Off the Air Conditioning Circuit

Before undertaking anything else, be sure to turn off the air conditioning circuit located near the outdoor unit. This usually has a metal or plastic lid covering, which needs to be opened to flip the switch off. This will prevent the air conditioning unit from turning on when it isn't needed and will ensure that water from a running air conditioner doesn't collect in the unit and freeze up.

Clean the Air Conditioning Unit

The outdoor unit of a split system aircon is subject to all kinds of natural weather elements. Apart from that, bird droppings, grime, leaves, debris and dead bugs can also settle on the unit, which will damage it over time. Hose down the unit to remove all kinds of dirt and debris, and allow it to dry completely before covering it up. Remove all the debris thoroughly, because they will damage and rust the unit over time.

Cover the Air Conditioning Unit

Cover the exterior exposed pipes with foam pipe covers to protect them from damage during heavy winds and rain. The foam covers will also provide adequate insulation to the pipes to prevent ice formations around them. Once you've covered the pipes, cover the entire unit with a strong vinyl or plastic waterproof cover. Make sure that the cover sits properly over the outdoor unit. Wrap the cover with bungee cords to keep it secure against the air conditioner. You'll have to wrap the cover tightly to prevent it from flying away with heavy winds. This protective measure ensures that heavy winds and rains, which are common occurrences in winter, don't damage your unit when it isn't in use.

Undertake Periodic Checks

Every fortnight, be sure to check your outdoor unit to ensure that the cover remains secure and undamaged. Brush any ice and water off the unit and remove branches, twigs and leaves that may have seeped in through a loosened cover. Secure the cover tightly if it has come undone.

These protective steps during winter will prolong the life of your split system aircon.  For more information, contact a local air conditioning company like ACSIS Airconditioning Warehouse


16 September 2015

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