What To Consider When Designing Your Ducted Vacuum System

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Ducted vacuums system is an exciting product to have. It works differently from other vacuums since you don't have to drag a bulky vacuum along as you work, it's installed throughout the house and it offers more subtle function thanks to a discreetly tucked-away motor.

If you're planning to get a ducted vacuum system for your home, it's important to make sure you tailor your product as per your home layout. To do so, you need to evaluate a several factors:

How many inlets do you need?

The number of inlets you choose for your ducted system is very important. That's because you need to ensure the inlets you choose service the entire house perfectly. If you choose too many inlets, you'll end up installing more ducts and that will raise your installation costs.

To determine the inlets you need, you first need to map your entire floor space. Large rooms like the living room can have a dedicated inlet. However, smaller rooms like bedrooms can be served one inlet located close by on the corridor. You should strive to keep your inlets as few as possible but enough so that you can clean each part of your house easily and without needing a very long hose.

What motor size is right for your home?

Next, you also need to evaluate the size of motor you need. Ducted vacuum motors are available in different sizes. Larger motors provide more suction power. However, they also consume more power. You therefore need to find the right balance so that your ducted motor is large enough to suck dirt from all the inlets but is not too large such that it's consuming too much energy. An installation technician can advice on the appropriate size (usually rated in Airwatts) after inspecting the size of your home.

Bagged or bag-less vacuum?

Size aside, ducted motors also collect dirt differently. Some feature dust bags while others (bag-less) use filters. Each offers different maintenance needs. With the former, you need to empty the bag periodically. With the latter, you need to clean the filters and replace. Self-cleaning filters that need less maintenance are also available. If torn between the two, you can choose a motor with both options and later test which works best for you.

Choosing your accessories

Once you have chosen your motor and mapped where to install your inlets, all that remains is to choose the accessories. First up is the inlet. You can get these in different colors to accentuate your walls. You can also install floor-mounted inlets 'vacpans' which let you sweep and remove dirt from the floors through the vacuum system. Next, choose a hose set that best suits your needs. Here, you get to choose the hose length you need plus different brush types e.g. carpet brushes, tile brushes and even mattress or sofa vacuum brushes.

Once done, you can now have your unit installed as you wait to use your powerful, light and contemporary cleaning system.


22 July 2015

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