Home Security Upgrade: Reinforcing the Vulnerable Access Points

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The security status of your home should be assessed periodically to ensure that the property is sufficiently safeguarded. In addition, it is important to upgrade the security measures because the defence strategies and locking gadgets can become obsolete with time. This will protect you from unscrupulous intruders such as burglars and robbers. There are different access points into a residential building, and these are viewed as opportunities by people seeking to gain unauthorized access. Here is a list of the most vulnerable parts of the house and some tips on increasing the security.

Front Door

The front door is vulnerable to infiltration by burglars, particularly when you are absent. If your exterior residential door has a weak lock, an intruder will be able to pick it and gain access to your home without drawing attention. You should examine your existing door lock and consult your locksmith for thorough assessment. There are different types of front door locks in the security market so you will be spoilt for choice. One of the best products in terms of durability, reliability and general security is the deadbolt lock. You can also install keyless entry locks which require fingerprint access, combination code or a card for access.

Back and Side Doors

The entrances facing the side and backyards are very susceptible to attacks by burglars because they are not easily visible. Moreover, examine any specialty doors such as sliding glass doors for any apparent weakness. If you find the measures lacking, you should ask your locksmith to install a one-sided deadbolt on these doors. This will limit access from outside because the lock is only accessible from inside the house. In addition, you should consider installing floodlights, preferably motion-activated ones. This will serve to deter burglars at night and increase the feeling of security within the house.


The windows are overlooked by many homeowners because they seem to be out of reach. This can be a very costly mistake in relation to personal safety and the security of assets. If you have old windows which are vulnerable to breakage, you should consider replacing or repairing them. If possible, install safety glass because it resists mechanical impact better than normal float glass. In addition, install secure locks or upgrade the existing ones on all your windows. It is also advisable to make certain that the locks are visible because this can discourage intruders. Choosing the right product can be challenging, so you should consult your locksmith for technical advice. For more information, contact a business such as Nelson Locksmiths.


15 June 2015

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