How to Remodel Your Bathroom for Effortless Cleaning

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You know what style you want, you know what colours you're after, and you're pretty well set on whether to include a rubber duck. However, you might not have considered the way in which your bathroom renovation will affect your cleaning time. It isn't something that people commonly take into account when they're picking taps and inspecting baths, but it's well worth thinking about. After all, a few changes could mean a lot less time scrubbing. Read this article for a few ideas. 

Install Wall-Mounted Fixtures and Faucets

Cleaning around the bottom of the toilet and sink is one of the nastiest jobs that comes with bathroom cleaning. Wouldn't it be great if you could skip that step altogether? Good news: you can. Simply pick wall-mounted sinks and toilets. They don't connect to the floor at all, so no grime can build up at the edges. Instead you'll have an unbroken floor area – much easier to clean.

You should also consider installing wall-mounted taps. Taps mounted directly on the sink or bath are extremely difficult to clean. Mounting them to the wall will make it far easier to clean both them and the bath or sink beneath.

Use Larger Tiles on the Floor

Bigger tiles make a room appear larger and more open, so they're often used in modern bathroom designs. Of course, you might fancy laying down lots of smaller tiles instead, but you should stop to consider how this will affect your cleaning schedule.

Put simply, more tiles equal more grout lines. Since larger tiles obviously cover a larger surface area, you'll use far less grouting when you lay them down, and that means metres and metres of extra lines which you don't need to laboriously scrub clean each week.  Even if you don't want to abandon your smaller tiles, consider only using them as accents for larger ones.

Open Up Your Storage Space

Like taps and fixtures, shelves are also easy to lift off the floor for quicker cleaning. You should also think about removing the doors and making shelves as open as possible. Bathroom cabinets quickly become filled with a multitude of items, many of which should just have been thrown away. The bathroom might look cleaner, but that mess is still there.

Using an open storage solution, such as shelves or door-less cabinets, helps stop you and your family from filling them up with useless junk, since everything is on display. It's also far easier to wipe down an open shelf than it is to get into the nooks and crannies of a closed-off cabinet.

 Make these changes when remodelling your bathroom, and you'll be able to spend more time soaking in the tub and less time scouring the floor. For more information, contact local contracts that specialize in bathroom renovations


8 June 2015

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