Outdoor Patios: 4 Inspired Ideas to Transform Patios into Play Spaces for Children

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Fed up of television, smartphones and video games taking over your household? Patios are an excellent choice for transforming wasted outdoor space into an aesthetically appealing and operationally functional area for the whole family to enjoy together. Creating eclectic outdoor living spaces is bound to draw the kids away from those mind-numbing gaming consoles and television sets and stimulate their minds and inspire their creativity. Here are some ideas to transform patios into play spaces for kids. 

Create a Car Wash Area  

You can get really creative with this idea to let your kids cool off from the blazing summer sun. By adding a small water area like a makeshift play car wash, get your kids to splash around and enjoy the summer heat. The kiddie car wash lets children enter and leave through plastic flaps that resemble an actual car wash. The pipe with holes runs along the roof and several spray jets are placed on the sides to release water on the children as they ride through this improvised car wash.

Patios offer the children a chance to enjoy the outdoors, while parents can supervise them while catching up on their favourite books. 

Simulate a Beach With a Sandbox Arrangement

Create a sandbox area to simulate the look of the beach in your backyard. This is bound to keep children occupied, as they creatively build castles and play in the sand. All you need to do is to create sand area with planks of PVC or wood by holding the joining the edges of each plank together. This simple arrangement is big on the fun element for your kids to thoroughly enjoy outdoor playtime.

Transform Tyres into a Jungle Gym

Get some old unused tyres together and stack them on top of each other to create an unusual jungle gym playing area for the children. To make it look appealing for kids, paint each tyre with an attractive bright colour to make the space along patios eye-catching. Tyre jungle gyms are safe for kids to use, even when they fall and it encourages them to engage in healthy recreational activities.

Outdoor Music Station

Patios are as much for inspiring creativity as they are for recreation. If your child has an inclination towards music, why not create an outdoor music station for patios? Add pipe drums, improvised utensils and makeshift guitars to let the kids go wild with delight. Sure, it makes a bit of noise but it motivates them to think imaginatively and it certainly beats watching them slowly lose their minds playing video games.


19 May 2015

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