Choosing the Right Type of Water Heater for Your Home

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The water heater you have in your home is very important as it's usually one of the largest consumers of electricity, and needs to work to meet your demands for hot water throughout the day. For those with a large family who use lots of hot water or those on a budget, the choice of water heater you buy will be important. Note a few of the choices you have today and some factors to consider.

1. Water Heater Tanks

These are the most common types of water heaters and they work by storing a certain amount of water in a tank that is then heated by a heating element. Once the temperature of the water drops or the tank starts to be emptied, it fills with more water and begins heating it again.

Water heater tanks are usually the least expensive to install, but you need to ensure you purchase one that will hold enough water for everyone in the family. Price alone shouldn't be your determining factor, as you may easily run out of hot water with a smaller tank. It's also good to remember that the tank will heat water once the temperature drops even if you're not using the water, so consider adding an insulating cover to it during cold winter months.

2. Tankless Heaters

A tankless heater has a heating element over which water passes once faucets or the shower are turned on, and the water is heated as it flows through the pipes. It does not store water in a tank so you never run out of hot water, and aren't heating water when it's not needed. It can be the most affordable type of water heater to own and is good for homes that aren't always occupied, as you won't waste electricity keeping water hot when it's not being used. However, tankless heaters may not allow for a strong flow of water since the water moves somewhat slower through the pipes in order to be heated, and they are usually more expensive to purchase and install than water heater tanks.

3. Solar Water Heaters

Solar water heaters are tanks that are hooked up to solar panels, which deliver stored power right to the tank itself. These are also usually very expensive to install but much cheaper to operate as of course you don't pay for solar power. They are also a good choice for those that are environmentally-conscious, as creating electricity in a power plant means generating pollution, whereas solar power is a much cleaner source of energy.

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17 April 2015

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