From Air Quality to Better Suction: Four Essential Reasons You Need to Spring Clean Your Vacuum

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Spring cleaning should involve more than just rearranging closets and professionally cleaning the carpets. It should also involve cleaning your cleaning supplies, and your vacuum cleaner is one of the most important cleaning tools to clean.

Wondering why you need to clean your vacuum? Here are a few reasons why:

1. To protect your air quality

The filter on your vacuum has a hugely important job, it collects all of the microscopic dust and allergens that are too small to be collected in your vacuum's container. By collecting these elements, your filter keeps them out of the air and out of your breathing passages.

However, if your filter is saturated, it cannot do this important job. Clean your filter occasionally by rinsing it underwater, and every spring replace your filter with a new one. If you live in a dusty area, you may need to clean it more often.

2. To ensure proper suction

Your vacuum's motor is the power behind your vacuum's suction. If the motor is full of dust and debris, it cannot work efficiently. You cannot clean your motor with water, but if you have another vacuum on hand, you may use it to vacuum the dust out of your primary vacuum's motor.

In addition to having an efficient motor, you also need clean, unblocked hoses. You can dislodge large chunks by detaching your hoses and pushing a stick through them. Then, you can rinse the hoses out with soap and water.

3. To reduce bacteria

In addition to rinsing your hoses to ensure proper suction, remember to clean your vacuum's dust container. If you have a plastic container, you can dismantle it and wash it with antibacterial soap. If you have bags on your vacuum, remember to replace them on a regular basis. Both of these efforts will help to eliminate bacteria residue in your vacuum and prevent it from getting back into your carpet or home.

4. To help your carpet get cleaner

The cleaning efforts above help your vacuum to be healthier and more effective, but you also need to clean your vacuum's brushes or beaters. Hair and long strings tend to build up in the brushes along your vacuum's beater.

This debris can prevent your vacuum's brushes from penetrating deeply into your carpet and doing their job. Remove hair and strings on a regular basis, and once a year, during your spring vacuum cleaning, check the bristles on your vacuum's brushes. If they are damaged or worn, consider replacing them. For more information, contact a business such as Cleaners Warehouse (Brisbane) Pty Ltd.


6 April 2015

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