The Advantages of Having Cabinets Custom Made for Your Home

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When it's time to remodel your kitchen or bathroom or any room in your home, you may want to consider having cabinets or an entertainment center custom made, rather than simply purchasing something prefabricated. There are many advantages to custom made cabinets, beyond just being able to choose their overall look. Note a few of those advantages here, and talk to your builder or contractor about these features when you're ready to have your cabinets made.

1. You Can Choose Recycled, Reclaimed, or Eco-friendly Materials

When you buy prefabricated cabinets from any home improvement store or big box supply store, you are encouraging the use of virgin, harvested materials for making these cabinets. This means more trees being cut down and in turn, more damage to the environment.

If you're very eco-conscious you may want to consider a cabinet maker who uses recycled or reclaimed materials instead, or opt for materials that are more eco-friendly. Bamboo is a material that grows very quickly and which is easy to replenish, so asking a cabinet maker to use this rather than oak, mahogany, or other such wood can be a good option for you.

2. You May Increase the Value of Your Home

Kitchens and bathrooms are two rooms of the house that often interest buyers the most, and which should always look their best when a house is on the market. This is because potential homebuyers know that these rooms are typically the hardest and most expensive to remodel, and the rooms used by everyone in the house. When you choose custom cabinets for these rooms, this may be a feature that increases the number of potential buyers for your home and in turn, may increase its overall resale value.

3. Unusual Features Can Be Included or Worked Around

Does your home have an awkwardly-placed window in your kitchen or in the bedroom closet? Is the thermostat in the middle of a living room wall? Trying to install shelves or cabinets around these awkward features can be difficult and simply call attention to them, whereas custom cabinets can easily work around these features. They may include an open cabinet cut around that thermostat or an arch over the window to allow it to blend into the décor.

You can also include unusual features that are not available on most prefabricated cabinets. This might include an opening for computer wiring on a kitchen counter if you prefer to have a laptop in the kitchen while cooking, or a shelf specifically designed for a particular piece of art or trophy you want to display.

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23 March 2015

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