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With frequent daily use, your carpet is bound to get all manner of damage within its lifespan. When this happens, the easiest way to deal with the problem is to get a professional repair service. This abates further damage on the carpet, restores the aesthetic appeal of your floors and saves you hundreds of dollars on a new carpet. Whatever the damage is, a professional carpet repair service can make it go away as explained below.

Tears, stains & pet damage

The most prevalent carpet problem is caused by wear, tears and stains. Pet damage is very common, especially after pets claw on your carpet. Tears, on the other hand, can be caused when you drag furniture over your carpet. Stains, too, can necessitate repairs if they can't wash away completely. In most of these cases, the outright option will be to install a patch. Patches can be obtained from a spare piece of carpet, from your closet flooring or from under permanent fixtures. Luckily, patches are hard to spot if installed professionally. If it's not possible to find a patch that matches exactly with the carpet, your technician can suggest using a different color to create a matching design instead.

Frayed ends

Fraying of the carpet at the seams is another common problem. It often occurs at doorways where two carpet pieces meet. In other cases, fraying occurs where the carpet ends and another floor material such as tiling or concrete begins. If the frayed area is very small, the best solution is to cut out the damaged area and stretch the carpet to compensate for the extracted part. This reduces the need to install a patch. If the frayed area is large, the only solution is to install a patch. To ensure a frayed end doesn't recur, your installer will apply a latex sealer to bind the threads together and preserve your seams.

Loose carpet – wrinkles & waves

Sometimes, your carpet may not be damaged but simply loose-fitting, causing what is called 'wrinkles' or 'waves'. This is often caused by poor installation where the carpet wasn't stretched properly in the first place. A wrinkled or waved carpet stands out negatively and can even trip someone walking over it. To repair wrinkling, a technician will have to uninstall the entire carpet and then stretch it using special equipment. The carpet is then installed bit by bit using professional adhesive. This ensures your carpet stays put for life. Note that it's important to strip the whole carpet so as to avoid wrinkling in other areas later on.

If your carpet is frayed or torn, the sooner you get it repaired, the sooner you can stop the damage from growing. For more information, contact a carpet repair business


25 February 2015

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