Cleaning Guide For Residential Blinds

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Quality blinds are ideal window products for limiting sunlight exposure, enhancing privacy and improving the general aesthetics. Cleaning is necessary for continued enjoyment, but most homeowners find the task daunting. It is advisable for blinds to be cleaned regularly to avoid accumulation of layers of grime and dust on the slats which would make the work more challenging. With a few simple tips, you can avoid extreme measures such as removing the blinds, scrubbing and drying unless it is the spring cleaning season.

Wooden Blinds

Washing wooden blinds is not recommended as a cleaning measure because real wood is susceptible to adverse effects when exposed to moisture. For instance, the slats may become warped and discoloration may occur and consequently compromise the visual impact and the effectiveness of the blinds. To effectively remove the dirt, use a soft cloth to wipe the blind slats or a vacuum cleaner brush accessory. If you have horizontal blinds, work with the cloth or brush from top to bottom, and for the vertical counterpart, clean from left to right and start from the top to avoid re-contaminating clean bottom slats.

Aluminum and Vinyl Blinds

Blinds made from aluminum are quite resilient, so there are several ways to ensure that they remain spotless. You can easily vacuum the blinds using a brush attachment, but ensure that you tilt the slats up and then down to thoroughly get rid of dust on both surfaces. In a similar way, you can use a soft dust cloth with a mild chemical treatment.

Since aluminum is not vulnerable to rust, you can wash the slats if there are stubborn spots. You can either use a damp cloth with mild detergent or soak the blind in soapy water. However, make sure that the liquid is not hot so as to prevent warping through heat expansion. Rinse the blinds and dry them thoroughly for optimal results. Vinyl blinds are also sturdy and can be cleaned in similar ways, but the easiest technique is to spray detergent on the plastic slats and then wipe with a lint-free cloth.

Fabric Blinds

To avoid discolouration from accumulated dust build-up, you should vacuum the fabric blinds regularly. If you want to wash them, use a sponge and soapy water on both sides, rinse and leave unrolled to allow the fabric to dry completely. It is advisable to test this cleaning method on a sample area first to avoid extensive damage. Professional cleaning is recommended for stain-sensitive colors as well as accordion-style fabric blinds.

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17 February 2015

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