3 People Who Should Put Emergency Locksmiths On Speed Dial


People don't really choose convenient times to get locked out, so it's nice to find a service that is available throughout the day. Without a 24 hour locksmith, can you imagine the thought of being locked out of your home late at night and waiting till morning to get through to a service? If you're the type of person that forgets keys or may soon be called an ex, there's nothing better than having quick access to a 24 hour locksmith. Here are 3 people who should have an emergency locksmith in their area on speed dial.

The Routine Key-Forgetter

You've left your keys indoors while walking out of your home for a midnight snack. There's no other choice but to call a 24 hour locksmith to help you get back in. Bear in mind that emergency services will cost you a little more than a regular service. Even though it may be hard paying that extra money, it's certainly better than waiting till the next morning to call a service. Expect to pay an emergency locksmith services between $80 and $120.

You might find it handy to inquire with a few services well before any lockout situation arises, so that you get the best value for money when you find yourself in one. Hopefully, you didn't leave your phone indoors when you locked yourself out either.

The Soon-To-Be Divorcee

This is a tough place to be in – especially when your soon-to-be-ex locks you out of the house in the middle of a cold winter's night with nothing but the shirt on your back. It's still your house too, so call in a 24 hour locksmith – this way you can at least get access to a warm sweater before you head out again to spend the night at the far more welcoming park bench.

The Landlord With Troubled Tenants

Your neighbour just called in to say that no one has seen your troubled tenant for the last ten days. It's usually never a good sign and enough for any tenant to be concerned. An emergency locksmith will arrive at your doorstep in a few minutes, so that you can quickly assess the situation in your rented house.

When employing a 24 hour locksmith like Ameen's Locksmith, try and provide as many details as you can about your door locking system in advance – this way they will know which tools to bring to get into your home quicker.



27 December 2014

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