Skip Bins For DIY Demolition: 3 FAQs


Homeowners may be forced to undertake demolition-related activities around the house for various reasons. For example, those who wish to change the layout of their living spaces might be forced to pull down a wall or two.  

In a large number of cases, DIY-minded homeowners are forced to hire skip bins (from an outlet such as C. Fulton Pty Ltd) to aid in the management of waste products (to be) generated from the demolition exercise. This article answers three questions that a DIY-minded homeowner may have in relation to the use of skip bins in such situations.

What Type Of Skip Bin Would Be The Most Ideal For A DIY Demolition Exercise?

Various factors will determine the ideal type of skip bin for a residential demolition exercise. Examples of these factors include the cost of leasing the skip bin and the quantity of waste that the demolition exercise is expected to generate.

For the small to medium-scale demolition-related activities, DIY-minded homeowners are often advised to go for the marrel skip bin. The "marrel skip" features high-sided walls which may account for its slightly larger size as compared to other types of rental bins (e.g. hook-lift skip bins). The standard marrel skip bin is about the same size as an automobile. The large size translates into an increased waste-carrying capacity for this type of bin. Many times, one marrel skip is able to contain all the waste generated from a residential demolition exercise.

When Do Homeowners Need To Hire Multiple Skip Bins?

The greater the amount of waste (to be) generated during demolition, the higher the number of skip bins required. However, there's an exception.

A small or medium-scale demolition exercise may require multiple skip bins in line with the different types of waste that the exercise will generate. For example, concrete waste products of demolition should not be mixed with other waste products such as tree cuttings, contaminated soil, shattered glass, metal window frame material and so on. Thus, DIY-minded homeowners will be forced to hire a concrete-only skip bin in addition to their general waste skip bin.   

Can Skip Bins Be Placed In Public Places During A Demolition Exercise?

In many cases, the available amount of space within residential premises doesn't allow for the convenient placement (and subsequent use) of skip bins within the property.

Skip bins may be placed in public places (e.g. along a footpath) for the duration of the demolition exercise. In a large number of states, homeowners are required to get a permit from their local council before the bin is placed in the intended area.


31 May 2016

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