Three Important Tasks in Roller Door Maintenance

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The roller door is an advantageous feature to install in residential properties. It is ideal for use with garage spaces, but you can install it in other areas such as storage sheds. The design of roller doors is favourable because it is conveniently lifted up and lowered during operation. This means that minimal extra space is required when opening the door, unlike alternatives like swing and overhead lift alternatives. In addition, most roller doors are made from resilient materials, such as steel, which are durable and strong. Regrettably, these doors are still susceptible to malfunction due to heavy usage or mechanical damage. Therefore, you will need to perform regular maintenance and repair to ensure optimal functionality. Here are the important servicing tasks that you must perform on your roller door.

Tightening the Moving Components

The roller door in most residential environments is operated frequently. This movement generates subsequent friction which wears away the components. Eventually, the hardware in your roller door will become loose, lowering the operation efficiency. You should periodically examine the roller brackets and the attached bolts for looseness and tighten as required with a socket wrench. If the bolts are severely worn out, you should consider replacement.

Test the Door Balance

The roller door should be installed properly such that the feature is perfectly balanced. If the door is unbalanced, the opener mechanism will have to work harder in order to operate acceptably. This will result in accelerated damage of the opener, and the replacement of this module can be costly. You can test this aspect by disengaging the roller door opener. This is generally done by pulling a release handle which is usually in form of a cord.

You should then open the roller door manually to a halfway point and release it, making sure to be out from under it. If the door slides downwards instead of staying put, your door is unbalanced. You will need to readjust the counterweight system and springs to restore balance. It is advisable to engage a professional roller repair expert for this task because an unbalanced door is heavy and unstable. Poor repair or handling can result in hazardous accidents.

Examine the Rollers

The roller components are important because they facilitate the opening and closing motions of the door. Generally, these are made from steel or nylon, so you will enjoy long-term service. Still, it is important to inspect the rollers for damage and replace the components. Common signs of imminent failure include cracking and significant chips. To purchase your replacement rollers or to get help with any other roller repairs, contact a professional in your area.


4 December 2015

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