Choosing a dog-friendly timber flooring solution for your home

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For a well-loved family dog, every consideration is made to ensure their comfort, health and exercise requirements are fulfilled. It can be difficult, however, if you have your heart set on a timber floor and your home is occupied by a rambunctious four-legged friend or two. Never fear—your fur babies can cohabitate with your perfect timber floor, but it is important to choose the right floor for your circumstances. Let's look at some helpful tips for choosing a dog-friendly timber flooring solution for your home.

Selecting the right wood

Not all woods have been created equal. When selecting the wood for your pet-friendly floor, the cost and level of durability will be your major considerations. Keeping a timber floor with pets necessitates a certain amount of surface scratching over time, and if you are not comfortable with this wear and tear then a wood-style laminate or vinyl flooring may be more suited to your needs.

When selecting a wood, opt for a hardwood that has high durability, as these woods will be resistant to scratches and dents. The most durable hardwood floors are Brazilian walnut and hard maple, however they also carry a substantial price tag. For a more cost-effective yet highly durable wood flooring solution, consider a bamboo floor that has been treated with hard resins. While it is not technically a wood, bamboo produces a beautiful and resilient floor, perfect for pet paws and family wear.

Selecting the right finish

For the hardiest, most pet-friendly timber floor, prefinished timber flooring is sealed with a urethane finish that will provide the greatest resistance to the claws of your four-legged friends. Avoid a slippery high-gloss finish, as your pet will be likely to not only create more scratches, but slip and potentially injure themselves. If your pet is prone to the occasional 'accident', speak to your local timber flooring specialist for advice on a moisture-resistant floor sealant.

Making your dog timber floor-friendly

The best tip for preserving the finish and visual appeal of your timber floor from pet damage is to keep you dog's claws trimmed and blunt at all times. Additionally, minimise pet accidents by toilet training prior to installing a wood floor, and ensuring your dog receives adequate daily exercise.

For more advice on regional timbers and the latest in durable sealants, contact a timber flooring specialist like Wonson Bros. Timber Pty Ltd to discuss your timber floor needs in greater detail.


29 April 2015

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